Cat Tree Tower for Indoor Cats, with Scratching Post, Cat House, Toy, Grey

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  • Multi-level cat tree: Satisfies their urge to jump and climb, keeping them active when indoors.
  • Sisal scratching posts: Allows them to stretch and scratch, shedding excess claw material to keep their claws healthy. They’ll use this cat scratching tree, instead of destroying curtains, carpets and sofas.
  • Sturdy and secure: With its sturdy particle board structure, appropriate height, wide base and anti-tipping device, this cat climbing tower remains strong and stable when in use. Suitable for two cats, they’ll be safely supported.
  • Comfortable features: Covered in soft plush, this cat tower includes a house and bed – cosy spots for curling up, relaxing and observing their surroundings.
  • Dimensions: 148H x 49W x 49Dcm. Cat house: 27H x 46L x 28Wcm. Inside bed: 6.5H x 42L x 24Wcm. Suitable for two cats under 5kg. Assembly required.


In Stock
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Discover true pet happiness with this Pethubcat tree. Designed with your pet’s tendencies in mind, the multiple levels are great for climbing and jumping, whilst the sisal-wrapped posts let them dig and scratch, acting on their natural instincts without destroying furniture. The toy ball grabs their attention when they feel playful. Covered in soft plush for comfort, the cat house and bed provide cosy spots for curling up and relaxing. Snugness, excitement and joy – all from one spot.


  • Sisal rope posts satisfy your cat’s urge to scratch, deterring them from using furniture
  • House and bed provide snug spots to relax and nap
  • With multiple levels, it encourages pets to climb, jump and explore, keeping them active
  • The interactive toys capture their attention, keeping them entertained when feeling active and playful
  • A modern cat tree, its neutral colour tones match seamlessly with home décor
  • Suitable for two cats under 5kg
  • Assembly required


  • Colour: Grey
  • Material: Particle board, plush (100% polyester), sisal and PP cotton
  • Dimensions: 148H x 49W x 49Dcm. House: 27H x 46L x 28Wcm. Opening: 18H x 19Wcm. Bed: 8H x 53L x 35Wcm. Inside: 6.5H x 42L x 24Wcm. Platforms: 49L x 25Wcm, 49L x 49Wcm and 49L x 29Wcm. Ramp: 36.5L x 19Wcm. Post: Inside cat house: Φ3.5cm and Φ6.5cm. Base: 49W x 49Dcm
  • Item label: D30-743V00GY

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Cat tree
  • 1 x Manual


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